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All of our services and pricing are gender neutral.

Haircutting rate with Gina is $120/hour, coloring rate is $130/hour

Haircut and color rates with Jasmine are $110/hour

Gina operates with a flat-rate, no tipping policy 

Jasmine accepts gratuity 

Please read this page in it's entirety before scheduling your appointment.

By scheduling you agree to our cancellation policy.


*Masks are still required in our shop*

Tell us a little bit about yourself!  What are your pronouns?  Are you vegan?  Do you have any allergies?  Would you like a silent service?  Silent services are for people who only want to discuss their hair goals with their stylist, and have some quiet time for the duration of their appointment.  Please let us know in the comments when booking your appointment so we can make the proper accommodations for you.


New color clients, or existing clients wishing to change their color are required to have a consultation before the service is scheduled; these are offered complimentary.  Help us help you in achieving the best results possible!

Cancellation Policy, and Deposits

Deposits are required to schedule appointments, they are approximately 50% of the cost of the service.  Deposits are payable on our website when scheduling your service.  Services include a 3% credit card processing fee, which is paid by the guest.  Please note our cancellation policy: Cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment must be given within 24 hours of the service otherwise a charge for the full service may be incurred.  Deposits are non-refundable, but may be transferred one time if you provide more than 24 hours notice to reschedule.

Scheduling Guide

15 min shape up: Great for bang trims, a dusting on the length (no more than 1.5-2 inches because then texturizing and layering usually needs to be done as well), or freshening up an established undercut


30 min shape up: For guests who have had their haircut by us within the last 3 months that just need some layer reshaping. This is great for hair that needs no more than 2 inches off of the top layer, and not an overall haircut. If you need length or density taken off all over, please schedule a full haircut; we'll be able to provide you a better service this way! Please no style changes with this option, thank you!


45 min haircut: By request and approval only, if you have been asked to schedule this option.


60 min haircut: Perfect for those who have hair above chin length and are maintaining the same hairstyle.


75 minute haircut: For established guests with hair between chin length and collarbones, wanting to maintain their hairstyle.


90 minute haircut: For new clients, and those who have had their haircut by us if it's been 6 months or longer. This is also for guests who have hair that is collar bone length and longer who wish to maintain the same hairstyle, and for guests with hair length at collar bone and shorter looking to change their hairstyle.


120 minute haircut: For hair that is waist length or longer, and guests with hair below color bones that is very high density.


Haircolor Services


Consultations: Please schedule a consultation to discuss your haircolor goals if you have never received haircolor from us, if it has been longer than 3 months since we've done your color, or if you are wanting to change your haircolor. Consultations are provided complimentary to you, so that we can understand your hair goals, have the appropriate amount of time scheduled, and be transparent about cost and maintenance.

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