Our Mission

By promoting body positivity and celebrating the LGBT+ community, the environment Symbolica creates allows for subversive personal expression.  This unique space is dedicated to your comfort and nurturing your needs. 

Our Products

Much care went into discerning which product lines would offer our guests the best results while remaining sustainable and cruelty-free.

A no BS, keep it simple
product line from Australia.
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Luxurious natural curl care,

hailing from Ypsilanti, MI.


We're proud to offer customized organic haircolor services, including ammonia free options.  Our studio is also equipped with a specialized ventilation system for the comfort of our guests.

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Ammonia and PPD free Australian haircolor, and lightener.

Biodynamic, sustainably farmed haircolor from Bologna, Italy.  100% amber glass and aluminum packaging.  Yay, NO PLASTIC!!

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